Over the past few years, eBooks have become an integral part of the publishing industry. But the complete demise of printed books due to the introduction of eBooks has not been as predicted by many. The Association of American Publishers states that eBook sales in the United States reduced to $983 million in 2019 from a year before. This shows that hardcover and paperback books dominate the market, with $3 billion and $2.5 billion in 2019, respectively.

The COVID-19 pandemic served as a boon to print publishing. According to Printing Impressions, a renowned industry journal, sales increased by more than 8% over 2020 to a whopping 751 million copies. Some of the fundamental reasons that contributed to this rise were increased leisure time and an urgent need to educate kids at home.

Paperbacks Vs. EBooks

Both paperbacks and eBooks have their distinct pros and cons. For example, while paperbacks have the feel of a book that many bibliophiles simply adore, eBooks are far more convenient to access and store.

What Are the Benefits of Paperbacks?

One of the most critical advantages of printed books is that they feel much nicer to read. There’s much more than just its content when it comes to reading a book. Is the paper rough or smooth? Is the lamination glossy or matt? Then there’s the weight and thickness. All of these factors make a book. Without these, you’re only left with the content. When you’re only presented with content, you miss the natural feel of a physical book.

Another benefit of printed books is that they could be easily used as an excellent gift choice. Whether it’s your bibliophile friend’s 25th birthday celebration or a close colleague’s housewarming party, a book is the perfect thoughtful present for your loved ones. Just grab yours or their favorite copy from a nearby store, wrap it in adorable packaging, and voilà!

Paperbacks also allow you to scribble and mark all over. We know it may sound stressful for some people who prefer their books devoid of any markings. But what’s the fun in owning an excellent old-fashioned book when you can’t even annotate in the margins, highlight sentences with colorful sharpies, and fold over the corners?

Printed books are also better for your health. Studies suggest that reading can enhance your lifespan, reduce illness, sharpen your memory, and reduce stress. Paperbacks are a lot better than eBooks for those individuals who like to read before going to bed. eBooks have a well-lit screen that could affect your sleep negatively.

Why Should You Read eBooks?

eBooks are portable and nearly weightless, thereby making them easier to carry around. Instead of taking several heavy books, you can store thousands of eBooks in a kindle or even your cellular device. This is highly beneficial for students as they don’t need to carry a bag full of books every day to class.

Another crucial benefit of eBooks is that they’re easier to download and store for later use. You can carry the eBook holder around and access it wherever you want. Students and working professionals have the liberty to go through the material at home or during travel. Some eReaders also have the feature of offline accessibility, enabling bibliophiles to read even without an Internet connection.

Since eBook contents are primarily cloud-based, they can be updated anytime. Authors and publishers can always add the latest information to their books, providing readers with up-to-date digital content. This saves critical resources such as reprinting costs and time.

Another added benefit of eBooks is integrating augmented reality to revolutionize the reading experience. Texts and images can be embedded into the digital content that pops up on the reader’s screen. This makes reading and learning way more immersive and interactive.

eBooks As Powerful Digital Marketing Tools

eBooks have emerged as a potential digital marketing tool for the past few years. Using eBooks as a core element of your marketing strategy can help distinguish you from your competition. eBooks are particularly effective for B2B businesses aiming to convey a significant amount of information to decision-makers.

eBooks are professional and impactful. When you publish eBooks, you embrace your organization’s role as a publisher. Even though any amateur can write and publish these days, an eBook appears as a ‘real’ book and will position you as an expert in your niche industry.

Publishing an eBook can incredibly help your business. So, how do you create a constant stream of quality content and boost your brand authority? That’s where eBook writing services can come to the rescue.

Why Should You Hire an eBook Writing Service?

Using professional eBook writing services can expand your marketing toolbox. According to Content Marketing Institute, nearly 80% of readers feel connected to a business after reading their content. An eBook writing service can help you produce this type of content.

eBook writing services comprise professional writers who are well-acquainted with the nitty-gritty of writing and marketing. They’ll write your content and ensure it contains the right search engine optimized keywords and other elements to attract maximum people to your products or services.

Once you acquire high-quality content from eBook writing services, you can also deploy it as a passive income generator. For example, depending on the type of content – you can attach a higher price to a financial advice eBook – you can offer it to your prospective customers for a small fee. In addition, you can also publish it on Amazon or eBay to earn a decent amount.

The Final Verdict

Whether paperbacks or eBooks, bibliophiles will get their hands on whatever content they can find. Paperbacks continue to enjoy considerable market share despite multiple predictions of printed books going extinct in a few years. While people prefer physical books over eBooks, the latter has emerged as a powerful digital marketing tool. If you want eBooks to boost your brand awareness and expand your clientele, hire professional eBook writing services. Their writing and marketing expertise will surely drive your lead generation and conversion rates.