Digital marketing is undoubtedly the marketing of the future. Since its inception, it has quickly become marketers’ favorite, owing to its relatively low cost and global reach. According to a study conducted by Screwpile Communications, approximately 78% of salespersons are using social media marketing to outperform their peers. Similarly, isitwp suggests that over 70% of digital marketers describe content creation as their most effective SEO tactic. These statistics show how digital marketing tools have become an essential component of business growth across industries over the past few years.

Online marketing consists of several tools and strategies, including search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing. Among these channels, content marketing attracts more attention than others.

Your Business Needs Content Marketing

Content is everywhere. Every day, consumers get bombarded with texts, images, and audio content via email, social media, and other channels from nearly every organization they come in contact with online or offline. A highly thought-out content marketing strategy can give a significant boost to your business and help you venture into untapped markets.

One of the primary reasons for adopting a content marketing strategy is that online viewers like to read and share engaging content. For instance, if you run a cosmetic brand, having blog posts related to beauty and skincare will make your business desirable for potential clients.

Quality content also increases organic traffic to your website and ranks it higher in the search engine rankings. Also, since this traffic comprises consumers searching for specific answers, it’s highly targeted and responsive to compelling calls to action.

Here Are the Essential Content Marketing Types

Content marketing can help you get ahead of your competition in the industry. Once you’ve decided to devise an effective content marketing regimen for your business, it’s time for you to explore different types of content.

Blog Posts

Blogs are considered the cornerstone of content marketing. They are excellent at creating brand awareness and increasing engagement with your customers. Tools like WordPress, for instance, are ready-made and free to use and will help you establish a blog in a few minutes. Blogposts may be relatively less expensive to generate, but you’ll only receive maximum engagement if your content is elaborate and syncs with the latest trends. A typical blog post is 1000 words long but it may be up to 3000 words as a higher number of words can perform better at search engine rankings.


After blog posts, eBooks are fast emerging as attractive content marketing tools. One critical reason eBooks are doing so well in the digital marketing domain is that they help you acquire valuable information about your targeted audience. For example, to download an eBook, viewers will need to provide you with information about themselves, like a name or an email address. Your business can easily navigate the client nurturing process with this pertinent information on hand.

Printed Books

Despite the ever-growing dominance of digital content, a significant number of people continue to indulge in printed books. According to Forbes, United States publishers sold over 825 million print books in 2021 alone, up by nearly 9% over the previous year. This depicts that printed books continue to capture consumers’ attention and play a vital role in marketing your brand.

Publishing a book can do wonders for your business. It’ll boost your brand recognition and increase your clientele.

These Are The Publishing Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

Before you get to publish a new book, it’s best to analyze the latest publishing trends for maximum outreach. Not being aware of such trends can kill your book sales, so it’s advisable to keep track of them.

One of the most pertinent publishing trends in 2022 is continued direct sales for authors. Mark Leslie Lefebvre from Draft2Digital also envisions an increase in direct sales. He claims that since there has been a significant boom in digital tools and platforms, such as plug-ins for WordPress, tech-savvy authors perceive it as an opportunity to build upon their newsletter strategies and direct more people to get their books.

As more authors continue to tap into self-publishing opportunities, they encounter new legal challenges. Liability, copyright infringements, and accuracy errors are to name a few. Authors aiming for success need to ensure they haven’t overlooked these potential issues; otherwise, it can negatively affect their book and business enterprise.

Another important publishing trend is a renewed focus on fact-checking. Authors publishing non-fiction books now realize that their work may receive backlash if it isn’t adequately fact-checked. In view of New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson, you don’t want to go through the process of writing and publishing a book only to have it tarnish your reputation.

It’d be better to opt for professional book publishing services to avoid any hassle, considering these emerging trends in the publishing world.

Book Publishing Services Are Beneficial For Your Business Growth

If you’re a first-time author, publishing could be daunting. Several questions will cross your mind and affect your focus. Will readers like my book? Will the audience be willing to pay for it? When you work with a book publishing service, you’ll always have an expert on board to guide you through all these tricky questions. Your publisher will support you whether you have queries during the editorial process or the marketing phase.

Book publishing services can also help you connect with relevant people in mainstream media. Nearly all publishing agencies have an abundance of established contacts with notable journalists, booksellers, and reviewers. Your publicist will help you get in touch with every reference properly and facilitate your book publishing.

The Bottom Line

Books are fast becoming an important marketing tool in today’s digital era. They help you establish your authority in your niche and attract high-quality leads for your products or services. Once you decide to become a published author to facilitate your business growth, you have two choices: opt for self-publishing or seek a professional publicist. Opting for book publishing services will be highly advantageous for your business. It’ll save your time and provide you with professional expertise. Connecting with the right people and publishing your book on the right platforms is vital for your success: a book publishing service will ensure you achieve these goals.